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You've got options! We believe in flexible higher education that suits the needs of adult learners, and we offer a variety of programs designed to meet you where you are.

On Campus

Study with us in New Orleans!

Since 1968, we have offered our on-campus program in New Orleans, a city of faith steeped in history and religious culture.We have faculty grounded theologically, committed to teaching excellence, and contributing to research in the field. Our students participate in a welcoming, ecumenical learning community and benefit from being a part of a Jesuit and Catholic university with a national reputation, including an award-winning library.

But because of our location, our education extends beyond the classroom and is influenced by place, including by our churches that range in age from the French Quarter's St. Louis Cathedral, whose predecessor was started in 1718, to the recently opened St. Katharine Drexel Chapel designed by Cesar Pelli. Our historic, above-ground cemeteries are things of marvel, but they also reflect our ancestors' commitment to faith and hope. Time here has rhythm that is punctuated by feasts and festivals--Epiphany, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Sts. Patrick and Joseph, Jazz Fest, San Fermin, and so on.

We name our approach "practical theology" because it attends not only to the themes of faith but also to the signs of the times and aims at transformation. At the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico, we live in one of the world's richest ecosystems that is, with global warming and energy exploration, also one of its most threatened.

What a classroom for studying theology and spirituality for the Church and world today!

On-Campus Programs of Study

Master's Degrees Continuing Education Certificates
Graduate-Credit Certificates
Individual Courses
  • Students may enroll to take individual courses for graduate or CEU credit without earning a credential.
  • To learn more, contact Judy Fontenot Lavergne at



Loyola University New Orleans, through its Institute for Ministry, has been a leader in distance education for ministry. Through its extension program (also known as LIMEX, LIMFlex or onsite), it has offered master’s degrees and certificates in pastoral studies and religious education since 1983 through partnerships with local sponsoring agencies in locations across the country and internationally. Students complete 5 core theological courses wholly in-person in their local learning group and 1 theology course in a hybrid (in person and online) format.

It is a professionally-oriented graduate program that develops the theological and ministerial competencies of participants through an integration of academic study, theological reflection on ministerial practice, the participants’ lived adult experience as people of faith, and spiritual formation.

The program grounds students in the Catholic biblical and theological tradition. Students then develop ministerial proficiency by combining in-depth study of this tradition with an appreciative and critical understanding of the contexts in which they minister.

See below to find out more:

Extension Programs of Study

Master's Degrees Continuing Education Certificates


*This program is completed by attending both onsite and online classes.
Graduate-Credit Certificates



Come and see about our degrees and certificates in theology and ministry offered fully online by the Loyola Institute for Ministry (LIM) of Loyola University New Orleans! 

Join students from south Louisiana, around the United States, and around the world in a program informed by "practical theology," an approach that always asks "So what?  So, what are the implications of my studies for my faith, my life, my ministry, the Church, the world?"

About The Loyola Institute For Ministry
LIM has a long history of distance education and of preparing adults to be leaders informed by Catholic and Jesuit traditions.  


LIM’s approach includes Ignatian spiritual formation and a strong theological core complemented by focus courses in ministry and religious education. The program also includes the development of theologically sound and practical ministerial skills leading to professional competency. LIM emphasizes community and communication. It promotes a broad vision of ministry, which holds that it is practiced in explicitly ecclesial contexts—in churches, schools, dioceses, and beyond—wherever people of faith live and work. 

To learn more, take the Self-Assessment and see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Online Programs of Study

Master's Degrees Continuing Education Certificates
Graduate Credit Certificates Bachelor's Degrees
Individual Courses
  • Students may enroll to take individual courses for graduate or CEU credit without earning a credential.
  • To learn more, contact Judy Fontenot Lavergne at


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