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Semester Course Offerings

If you are a new student who wants to take a single course, please contact Judy Fontenot Lavergne


Summer 2024 Graduate Courses ● Spring 2024 Undergraduate Courses


Summer 2024 Graduate Courses

The spring semester runs from May 28 through August 1. 

Emergent Universe: Our Sacred Story / LIM G814 Y1G0E

This course asks participants to immerse themselves in contemporary discoveries and understandings of the emergent universe and to reflect on its spiritual dimensions and significance. As we become familiar with this new story, this sacred story, we will also attend to the data which describes the urgency of the ecological issue with an eye to discerning its implications for the physical, psychic, and spiritual dimensions of our lives.


Spirituality and Theology of Work / LIM G819 Y1G0E

Oriented to those students who understand their ministry as primarily taking place outside of parish or other explicit ecclesial communities, this course investigates work and profession from the standpoints of vocation and community. Vocation is considered as a transformation of toil into creative work, and profession is viewed as an expression of the way one professes commitment to a particular community. Creativity, redemption, and collaboration are explored in light of workplace systems and the difference that Christians can make in the world.


History of Christian Spirituality / LIM G828 Y1G0E

This course is an introduction to the variety of experiences and expressions of Christian spirituality from the roots of the Hebrew Scriptures to contemporary spiritual writing. The course focuses on monasticism, mysticism, and modern apostolic spirituality as a way of exploring the recurring questions and challenges that shape the human search for God.


Religious Education across the Curriculum / LIM G839 Y1G0E

This course envisions a school in which religious education is set at the center of the academic curriculum. Within such a school, religious education would obviously take the traditional form of a discrete subject that is concerned with passing on to students the distinctive teachings of the Catholic faith. This explicit focus of necessity remains but a part of the whole curriculum. What is needed and taken up in the course is a more comprehensive and integrated understanding and practice of religious education in which the religious educator partners with teachers to illumine the presence and activity of God, of the sacred, that ultimately and intimately pervades every subject and discipline as well as to affirm and support these teachers’ more implicit practice of religious education.


Foundations of Youth & Young Adult Ministry / LIM G870 Y1G0E

The course examines the broad foundations of youth (ages 12-18) and young adult (ages 18-39) ministry and pastoral juvenil hispana. Students will investigate models for comprehensive youth and young adult ministry and pastoral juvenil hispana that incorporate developmentally and culturally sound programming, strengthen the family’s role in the lives of young people, involve youth, young adults, andlos jóvenesas integral members of the local church, and reach out to key individuals and organizations in the wider community in the dynamic effort to promote healthy formation. Students will also explore best practices in young adult ministry and pastoral juvenil hispana in order to connect young adults andlos jóveneswith their faith, the church, a peer community, and the wider community in which they and their family members live and work.


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Spring 2024 Undergraduate Courses

Session 1 runs from January 16 through March 14.

Religious Education in Theory and Practice / RELM-C400-YA1
Instructor: Jane Cruthirds, M.P.S.

Preliminary syllabus

Foundational questions of religious education are investigated with particular focus given to the relationship between theory and practice.


Senior Seminar / RELM-C496-YA1
Instructor: Rick Beben, M.R.E.

Preliminary syllabus

The purpose of this course is for students to demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes of the Bachelor in Ministry and Theology by completing a 20-30 page paper following the theological reflection process introduced in RELM 300 Introduction to Ministry.


Session 2 runs from March 18 through May 8.

Leadership in Ministry / RELM-C430-YZ1
Instructor: Emily Jendzejec, Ph.D.

Preliminary syllabus

This course offers a foundation for each student’s development of leadership skills used in the practice of ministry. It considers the qualities, practices, and responsibilities of effective leaders, with special attention paid to biblical-theological and theoretical theories of leadership, teamwork, communication, conflict, decision making, and the character, responsibilities, and spiritual life of the leader. It will assist students with becoming more reflective, theologically-based practitioners of ministry.


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