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Semester Course Offerings

If you are a new student who wants to take a single course, please contact Judy Fontenot Lavergne

Summer 2023 Graduate Courses

The summer semester runs from May 30 through August 3. 

The Universe as Divine Manifestation / LIM G813 Y1G0E
 Instructor: Michelle Murray, Ph.d. Cand.


This course engages students in a process of discernment, interpretation, and response to the natural world as revelatory, as a primary mediation and distinctive focus of divine presence and activity. Our exploration begins with searching out this revelation in the cosmological order through scientific insights into the structure and functioning of the universe. From this macrophase perspective, the course shifts to the more proximate witness to the divine as this finds expression in and through the planet Earth. Out of this experience and insight we will articulate the meaning of this revelation for ourselves and for people of faith in our times. Required course in the Religion and Ecology Focus Area Concentration.


 Ministry in the Marketplace / LIM G820 Y1G0E
 Instructor: Allan Eickelmann, D.Min.


This course helps students discern practical approaches to working toward mutually respectful, caring, and just communities in diverse and pluralistic work and community settings. The course will explore how images of collective life rooted in the biblical image of the reign of God can be translated into contemporary societies and community life with respect for persons of varying backgrounds and tradition. Required course in the Marketplace Ministry Focus Area Concentration.


Spirituality for Ministers / LIM G827 Y1G0E
Instructor: Deborah Wilhelm, D.Min.


This course discusses the theological foundation of Christian life and explores how ministry is rooted in and gives expression to the minister’s relationship with God. Students are invited to reflect on prayer, discernment, and spiritual growth in the context of finding God in the midst of ministry. Required course in the Christian Spirituality for Ministry Focus Area Concentration.


Religion, Crime, Justice / LIM G841 Y1G0E
 Instructor: Annie Phoenix, Ph.D.

This course will examine important contemporary crime and justice matters through the lens of sociocultural and religious contexts as well as explore the role of religious institutions in prison reform efforts. Students will study the history, scope and consequences of faith and justice issues in order to consider what is being done by people of faith, citizens, and public officials to address issues related to prison reform and ministering with individuals who are incarcerated and what we can do to help bring about these necessary changes.


Catechetical Leadership / LIM G846 Y1G0E
 Instructor: Israel Díaz, D. Min.  

This course begins with the theological and doctrinal foundations of the catechetical ministry, as rooted in evangelization, and as a particular ministry to foster conversion to Jesus Christ. From this foundation, the course moves on to explore a variety of pastoral issues that shape our ministries of catechesis: working with children, youth, adults; the role of the community in the task of catechesis; the relationship between liturgy and catechesis; and finally the formation of and resources available for catechetical leaders.


Youth and Young Adults: Spirituality and Methods of Faith Development / LIM G876 Y1G0E
 Instructor: Tracey Lamont, Ph.D.

In this course, students first examine in depth the phenomenon and characteristics of youth, young adult, and los jóvenes spirituality. They then examine typical stages of religious development during adolescence through the emerging adult years. Finally, students direct their attention to a study of a variety of methodologies to enhance and encourage the faith development of youth, young adults, and los jóvenes and explore ways to help them grow in religious knowledge and religious expression.


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