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LIM Extension Faculty Presence

The Instructor of Record

Each course has an assigned Instructor of Record who is a full-time Loyola faculty member. The Instructor of Record is available to meet with learning groups by Skype or telephone and with individual students, facilitators, and liaisons via Skype, telephone or e-mail to clarify questions or engage in further discussion. The Instructor of Record is also responsible for the development, review, and updating of the course.

LIM Course Book

Before attending each session, students read assignments from the course book. This text, prepared and updated by LIM faculty specifically for each LIMEX course, is the functional counterpart of a classroom lecture; it is the faculty member's class presentation. Students read a chapter of this text before coming to each session.

The Video Component

The videos in each course session, produced by the Institute for Ministry faculty, support course objectives.

The Syllabus

The syllabus, written by Loyola faculty and often over 100 pages in length, presents a very careful and clear formulation of the overall goals for each course and session and the individual student assignments and activities a student engages in outside the learning group. It also contains a bibliography of resource materials and the assignments and activities of each learning group session.

Facilitator Manual/Learning Designs

The facilitator manual is a companion piece to the syllabus and just as long.  It is prepared by Loyola faculty. It structures, outlines, and provides detailed explanation of the learning design for each group session. The Instructor of record develops the learning design (which maps out each minute of the weekly 3-hour meeting); the facilitator implements it. Thus, the design itself is the faculty's structuring presence in the learning group.

Academic Evaluation

Critical feedback to LIM extension students by faculty members is part of instruction. The LIM adjunct faculty is supervised by and works closely with Loyola faculty throughout the evaluation process. Adjunct faculty members call LIM learning groups at least once during each course to give general advice about the assignments and to discuss student questions.

Administrative Handbook and Policy Manual

Loyola faculty are also present to learning groups by way of the Administrative Handbook and Policy Manual that they have developed.  The former is available to facilitator and liaison to guide their work in the program.  The latter informs students of policieis associated with the program.