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A Loyola Institute for Ministry education changes the way you experience the world and lets you bring learning to life in your own ways. Join a community where you can create a meaningful impact—start your application today.

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Note: the undergraduate courses are credit earning; there are no continuing education units in the undergraduate program.

Graduate Credits or Continuing Education Units: Which is right for you?

Whether you earn graduate credits or continuing education units (CEUs), you will take the same graduate-level courses and participate in a community of learners eager to put their education to use in the world.

What are graduate credits?

A credit hour is the unit of measuring educational credit, which is usually based on the number of classroom hours and out of class student work per week throughout a term. Courses in the LIM program are each worth 3 credit hours. Graduate credits apply towards graduate degrees and graduate certificates.

What are continuing education units?

Continuing education units (CEUs) are used to signify successful completion of non-credit programs and courses intended to improve the knowledge and skills of working adults. CEUs are recorded on an official Loyola transcript and kept in the permanent records of the university. CEU courses in the LIM program are each worth 3 continuing education units.

Why choose graduate credits or continuing education units?

Students who choose to earn graduate credits may wish to qualify for a higher position within their field of work, unlock the potential to earn a higher salary, or facilitate a career change. Students who choose to earn continuing education units may lack the required bachelor’s degree to enroll for the graduate degree, while others already have graduate credentials and do not wish to earn another graduate credential. In addition, graduate students must complete papers and projects that are not required of CEU students. A final consideration is cost: 1 graduate credits costs approximately 3 times the cost of 1 continuing education unit.


If you want to earn a Master of Pastoral Studies degree, a Master of Religious Education degree, or a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Theology degree, and study fully online, apply here»

If you wish to earn a credential other than a Master of Pastoral Studies, Master of Religious Education, or a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Theology degree and/or will study in a program format other than fully online, apply here»

If you are a LIM alumna or a student returning after an absence, complete the readmission form»


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