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Admission Requirements

The Loyola Institute for Ministry requires all graduate and continuing education applicants to complete the same application. As noted in the Graduate Bulletin, admission requirements for degree, certificate (CEU), and dual degree students are explained below, as are the requirements for undergraduate and non-degree seeking students.

Applications are accepted year-round for enrollment in fall, spring, or summer semesters.


Graduate Certificate
 Dual Degree Under-graduate Non-Degree

Completed online application (no fee)

 X  X  X X X

Statement of educational purpose

 X  X  X   X

Proof of a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 2.50 G.P.A. as well as any subsequent academic work (undergraduate or graduate) from an accredited college or university, verified by official transcripts mailed by the academic institution(s) that granted the bachelor’s degree and any subsequent credits. Early in the application process, please request that official transcripts from the university or college be sent to avoid a delay in receiving an admission decision. Electronic transcripts sent directly from the issuing college or university are acceptable.

X   X    

Résumé of work experience including professional and/or voluntary ministerial responsibilities

 X  X  X   X

Two recommendation forms to be completed by people who have observed you in a work, ministerial, or educational setting.  The application form asks you to give the contact information of your recommenders, who will be asked to complete the form online or on paper.   

 X  X  X X  

Completion of dual degree department’s application



Statement of Educational Purpose 

Your statement of educational purpose will enable the Admission Committee to understand your reasons for applying to the Loyola Institute for Ministry (LIM) and your ability to benefit from our programs. It should also give you, the applicant, some clarity about why you seek admission to this program and so should assist you in your own discernment process. This statement should be an essay

  • 600-1200 words in length
  • double-spaced
  • word-processed 

Please state as clearly as possible your reasons for seeking your specified type of study (master's degree, continuing education or graduate certificate, or non-degree). What has led you to pursue your studies, and how do you think they can help you grow in a current or future ministry? Or, for those who do not now consider themselves to be in ministry, how do you think they can help you explore faith and its implications for the Church and world today?

You may include any additional information about yourself that you believe would assist the Admission Committee in evaluating your work, academic and ministerial background, as well as information that will aid the committee in assessing your ability to engage in this graduate-level ministry education program.

Those who have been away from academic writing for a while sometimes find this an anxiety-producing project. It need not be. Think of it instead as an opportunity to tell your story. What have you done in your life that has led you to decide to apply, and what do you hope to get out of this study opportunity? Surely you will get out of this opportunity more than you anticipate, but it is good to set down on paper your initial thoughts in part because doing so will help you as you discern further study. 



Dual Degree Program Applicants

Applicants to a dual degree program will apply to LIM and the other degree program separately.  While you need to apply separately, the admissions offices in both programs will work to minimize the duplication of admissions materials; for example, only one set of transcripts needs to be sent to the university. Please contact Judy Fontenot Lavergne so your application will processed as smoothly as possible.

To Submit Application Materials

All materials for the application not submitted electronically should be mailed or emailed to the addresses below.

Graduate Admissions
6363 St. Charles Ave.
Campus Box 18
New Orleans, LA  70118

For Additional Information

For more information about admission requirements for the Loyola Institute for Ministry, please contact Manger of Student Services Judy Fontenot Lavergne (504) 865-3399 or