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Master's Degrees

Loyola Institute for Ministry offers two master's degrees, available to online, on-campus, and extension students, and three dual master's degrees, available to on-campus students.

Master of Religious Education (MRE) ׀ Master of Pastoral Studies (MPS) ׀ MPS and Master of Business Administration ׀ MPS and Master of Science in Counseling ׀ MPS and Master of Criminal Justice | Request more information



When speaking about the “beautiful profession" of teaching, Pope Francis said, "I encourage you to renew your passion for humanity — you cannot teach without passion! — in the process of formation, and to be witnesses of life and hope. Never, never close a door, open all of them wide, in order for the students to have hope ("Address to UCIIM," 3/14/15). Lay ministers working in a variety of religious education contexts work to promote within their students a sense of identity, reverence, and responsibility for life and the sacred. The Master of Religious Education degree provides educators with a broad and in-depth exploration of the field. The coursework combines the development of confidence and creativity in working out curricula and gives practice in crafting effective learning processes. Pursuing a Master of Religious Education degree provides individuals with a set of multi-disciplinary perspectives and methodologies to enrich their practice while at the same time earning a master’s degree from an institution with a long-standing reputation for excellence in education and ministerial formation.

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Christians are called to ”[g]o into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15) through their everyday lives at home, work, and the larger communities to which they belong. Lay people working in variety of contexts including parishes, schools, diocesan offices, secular workplaces, or in the helping professions of medicine and social work can develop the theological and spiritual grounding necessary to become wiser and more effective ministers and leaders as they proclaim the Good News through their words and actions. Pursuing a Master of Pastoral Studies degree allows adults to gain specific competencies in the focus area of their choice while earning a master’s degree from an institution with a long-standing reputation for excellence in education and ministerial formation. 

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