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Does Pope Francis' invitation to live a new balance with “the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel” motivate you? Do you want to better respond to the call to holiness in daily life and carry out a study of your Catholic faith? If so, attend an information session to learn about the degree and certificatre options offered in Youngstown by the Loyola Institute for Ministry (LIM), at Loyola University of New Orleans. Many people in Louisville know it as the LIMEX program which has been offered here for over 30 years.



  • check back for the date and time of an information session

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Graduate Programs of Study

*This program is completed by attending both onsite and online classes.

Continuing Education Programs of Study

Continuing education units (CEUs) are used to signify successful completion of non-credit programs and courses intended to improve the knowledge and skills of working adults. CEUs are recorded on an official Loyola transcript and kept in the permanent records of the university. Students who choose to earn continuing education units may lack the required bachelor’s degree to enroll for the graduate degree, while others already have graduate credentials and do not wish to earn another graduate credential. In addition, graduate students must complete papers and projects that are not required of CEU students. A final consideration is cost: 1 graduate credits costs approximately 3 times the cost of 1 continuing education unit.


Thanks to our many donors, including Joe and Kelly George, the families of Dr. Betty Montgomery and Ingrid Lilly Frohlich Burns, and the Mary Family Foundation, LIM has several scholarship funds:

  • Active Ministry Scholarship

  • Graduate Assistant Scholarship

  • Needs-Based Scholarship

  • Jesuit Volunteer Corps Graduate Assistant Scholarship

  • Alumni Referral Scholarship

To learn more about these scholarships, GO»

The Loyola Institute for Ministry

Loyola University New Orleans, through its Institute for Ministry, has been a leader in distance education for ministry. Through its extension program (also known as LIMEX, LIMFlex or onsite), it has offered master’s degrees and certificates in pastoral studies and religious education since 1983 through partnerships with local sponsoring agencies in locations across the country and internationally. Students complete 5 core theological courses wholly in-person in their local learning group and 1 theology course in a hybrid (in person and online) format.

It is a professionally-oriented graduate program that develops the theological and ministerial competencies of participants through an integration of academic study, theological reflection on ministerial practice, the participants’ lived adult experience as people of faith, and spiritual formation.

The program grounds students in the Catholic biblical and theological tradition. Students then develop ministerial proficiency by combining in-depth study of this tradition with an appreciative and critical understanding of the contexts in which they minister.