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  • Dissertation Writing Workshop: Practical Strategies and Guidance to Get You Through the Process. Presented to the Doctoral Students at the University of New Orleans. New Orleans, LA. (March, 2009)
  • Ethical Decision Making in School Counseling. Presentation to the annual convention of the Louisiana Counseling Association. Baton Rouge, LA, (October, 2009).
  • Foster, T., Steen, L. R., & Wieck, R. (2010, March). Accepted to present Promoting Wellness in Masters-Level Counseling Students: A Cube Model Intervention. Will present at the American Counseling Association, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Foster, T., Steen, L. R., & Wieck, R. (2009, October). Accepted to present Promoting Wellness in Masters-Level Counseling Students: A Cube Model Intervention. Presented at the ACES conference, San Diego, CA.

An article by Professor Kim Brannagan was recently accepted for publication by the Journal of Mixed Methods Research. The article explores the new validation framework to assist researchers in evaluating mixed research studies.

Professor Brannagan joined the School of Nursing's full-time faculty in 2007. Her areas of expertise are health promotion, physical fitness, mentoring nurses, disease management, finance, management, and research. She teaches classes at Loyola on Advanced Role Integration, Nursing Finance Resources, and Healthcare Systems Residency.

Steve Doody, MPS ’09, of Baton Rouge offers some reflections on what he, as a full-time lawyer, is doing with his Master of Pastoral Studies degree from the Loyola Institute for Ministry.

Initially I began theological studies three years ago in order to increase my awareness of God. Throughout the reflective process, now so well instilled in me by Loyola, I have come to the conclusion I also desired at the beginning stages of studies to attain the joyous spirituality I saw radiating from the Dominican priests in my parish of Holy Ghost in Hammond

Graduates in Raleigh, NC, receive recognition for years of service in lay ministry. These include:

  • Veronica Archambault, 30 years, M.P.S. ‘07
  • Marion Danforth, 40 years, M.P.S. ‘93
  • Joan Rose, 10 years, M.P.S. ‘01

and two have taken LPLC courses

  • James Hynes, 10 years LPLC
  • Cathy Rusin, 20 years LPLC

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Dr. Thomas Foster presented on combining Reminiscence Therapy with Play Therapy at this years LCA conference.

Dr. Thomas Foster was invited by the Assocaiation for Counsleor Education and Supervision (ACES) and the Louisiana Counseling Association (LCA) to present the Wellness Cube Model (WCM) at their 2009 conference.  The WCM is an intervention model that integrates wellness content and exercises into a masters-level counselor training program that will increase the wellness levels of students and faculty. There are three parts to the presentation. First, Dr. Foster will briefly review the literature on graduate student stressors and student impairment.

Dr. Thomas Foster has an article being published in the journal 'Gerontology and Geriatrics Education' in 2009.  The article is a survey study that looks at current counseling student interests in gerocounseling topics and specializing in gerocounseling education. The article is titled 'Counseling Students’ Interest in Gerocounseling: A Survey Study'.

Dr. Thomas Foster presented about constructing gerocounseling specialization programs within counselor education programs at this years ACES conference. 


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