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Student Resources page

Please BOOKMARK this page, as you will need to refer back to it throughout your program.

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Nursing Student Handbook


Practicum Resources      

Practicum Forms  

Compliance Forms 

GUIDE -  Practicum Video Presentation

GUIDE - Practicum Letters (See for Practicum Requirements):

[DNP practicums (NURS-G930/945/960/965]

[FNP practicums (NURS-G845/855/830)] 

[HSAL Leadership practicum (NURS-G752)]

[Nurse Educator practicum (NURS-G980)]

[Undergraduate/Blend practicum (NURS-G483)]





FORM - Affiliation Agreement

FORM - Preceptor Agreement Form

FORM - DNP Specialty Hours Request

FORM - Early Start/Extend Practicum Approve


Additional Practicum Information

Nursing State Authorization Disclosure

Please check for information on practicum approvals by state.


Professional Liability Certificate of Insurance (COI)


FORM - TB Risk Assessment

FORM - Physical Examination Attestation

FORM - Immunization Waiver

FORM - Student Policy Verification

FORM - FERPA Consent to Release Student Information

FORM - Ochsner - Graduate Nursing Attestation

FORM - Employed at Clinical Site Attestation





EXXAT Resources

General Forms

Student Progression Plans

GUIDE - EXXAT Student Login Steps 

GUIDE - Ordering Universal Background & Drug Screening

GUIDE - Tips and Tools - Quick Tips for Students








FORM - Automatic Registration

FORM - Single Course Withdraw

FORM - University Withdraw or Leave of Absence

FORM - Grade Appeal

FORM - Change of Program

FORM - Verification of Master's Practicum Transfer Hours

FORM - Graduate Nursing Transfer Credit Request

FORM - Return From Leave

FORM - Course Overload Agreement

FORM - Photo Release

BSN-DNP:  All Starts

MSN-DNP:  All Starts

MSN FNP:  All Starts

MSN-NL:  All Starts

RN-MSN FNP:  All Starts

RN-BSN:  Fall Start






Scholarship and Funding Opportunities

General Resources

Commencement / Post-Graduati​on    

AACN Foundation Scholarships

Online Nursing Degrees - Nursing Scholarship Resource Page

RN to BSN Funding Opportunities

Rural Health Scholars Program Presentation Video (and PDF)


Your Student LORA Account

Tuition & Fees

Refund Deadlines

Writing Assistance for Off-Campus Students

Nursing Opportunities


Alumni Association 

Graduation Application 

Commencement 2022 Highlights


Career Services

Graduate Nursing Pin Order Form


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