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Dual Degree: Master of Science in Counseling and Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Why a dual degree in counseling and criminal justice?

The Criminal Justice - Counseling dual degree offers graduates many more career options, unparalleled depth in their academic preparation and an enviable range of clinical training experiences. These outcomes clearly illustrate that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. While each program produces skilled professionals, the additional training allows counseling students to pursue work in criminal justice settings and it offers criminal justice students a route to mental health counselor licensure. This would make graduates especially attractive to rehabilitation-oriented elements within the criminal justice system (e.g. probation, parole, re-entry services, and treatment).  In a highly competitive job market with new graduates facing a complicated future, the Criminal Justice -Counseling dual degree offers a very attractive academic alternative.

View application and tuition information about the M.S.C/M.S.C.J dual degree

The total number of credits for the dual degree is 75 credits. Individually taken, the two degrees would require 90 credits of graduate work. Pursuing the dual degree provides a reduction of 15 graduate credits.

Loyola Counseling Courses: 51 credit hours View course descriptions



Required Counseling Core Credit
CRJCNSL 702 Research and Statistical Methods in Counseling 3
CNSL 704 Research Writing Lab 1
CNSL 706 Philosophy and Counseling 3
Required Counseling
CNSL 830 Counseling Theories 3
CNSL 835 Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3
CNSL 836 Individual Counseling Skills Lab 1
CNSL 776 Clinical Assessment and Psychometrics 3
CNSL 840 Group Counseling 3
CNSL 843 Group Counseling Skills Lab 1
CNSL 841 Career Counseling 3
CNSL 846 Ethics in Counseling 3
CNSL 855 Diagnostics in Counseling 3
CNSL 725 Lifespan Development 3
CNSL 842 Multicultural Counseling 3
CNSL 863 Fundamentals of Practicum and Internship 3
CNSL 865 Practicum 3
CNSL 866 Internship 6


Department of Criminal Justice Courses: 24 credit hours View course descriptions


Criminal Justice Requirements Credit
CRJU 700 Theories of Criminal Behavior 3
CRJU 800 Selected Problems in Criminal Justice 3
CRJU 805 Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation 3
CRJU 705 Seminar in Criminal Justice 3
CRJU 720 Seminar in Criminal Justice Administration II 3
CRJU 850 Seminar in Criminology 3
CRJU 893 Directed Readings in Criminal Justice 3
CRJU 712 Graduate Statistics 3



Criminal Justice students who enter the dual degree program with counseling should complete CNSL A702 Research and Statistical Methods in Counseling in the Department of Counseling.  Additionally, they should complete their practicum in the Department of Counseling.