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Dual Degree: Master of Science in Counseling and Master Music Therapy

Why a dual degree in counseling and music therapy?

The MT - Counseling dual degree offers graduates greater variation in career options, the opportunity to study the mental health service delivery system from a wider perspective and clinical experiences that enhance each program's practical training efforts. Music therapy students will be eligible for licensure as clinical mental health counselors, and Counseling students will obtain a whole new collection of intervention strategies to add to their clinical skills. Studying mental health from two different perspectives deepens the students’ understanding of the field while making them far more attractive to potential employers. Simply stated, the Music Therapy – Counseling dual degree is a “win – win” opportunity.

View application and tuition information about the M.S.C./M.M.T. dual degree

Degree Requirements

The total number of credits for the dual degree is 76 credits.  Individually taken, the two degrees would require 94 credits of graduate work.  Pursuing the dual degree provides for a reduction of 21 graduate credits.  The dual degree allows for courses in one program to count as electives or required courses in the other degree program. Without an undergraduate degree in Music Therapy, students will need to complete 24-32 hours of equivalency credits. 


Department of Counseling Courses: 51 credit hours View course descriptions Credit
CNSL 702 Research and Statistical Methods in Counseling 3
CNSL 704 Research Writing Lab 1
CNSL 706 Philosophy and Counseling 3
CNSL 830 Counseling Theories 3
CNSL 835 Counseling Practice 3
CNSL 836 Individual Counseling Skills Lab 1
CNSL 776 Clinical Assessment and Psychometrics 3
CNSL 840 Group Counseling 3
CNSL 843 Group Counseling Skills Lab 1
CNSL 841 Career Counseling 3
CNSL 846 Ethics in Individual, Marriage, and Family Counseling 3
CNSL 855 Diagnostics in Counseling 3
CNSL 725 Lifespan Development 3
CNSL 842 Multicultural Counseling 3
CNSL 863 Fundamentals of Practicum and Internship 3
CNSL 863 Practicum 3
CNSL 866 Internship 6



Music Therapy students who enter the joint M.S.C./M.M.T. degree program should register for CNSL A865

Department of Music Therapy Courses: 25 credit hours View course descriptions Credit
MUTY M702 Music Therapy Research 3
MUTY M706 Music Therapy in Medicine 3
MUTY M704 Music Therapy Supervision and Education 3
MUTY M705 Advanced Music Therapy Models 3
MUGN M810 Thesis 1
MUTY M714 Graduate Council  2
  Music Electives**/*** 10

Counseling Practicum instead of completing MUTH M703 Advanced Music Therapy Practicum. Dual degree students completing the counseling curriculum first should take Music Therapy requirements to fulfill their counseling electives.