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Why I Am Thankful For Loyola University New Orleans

Jeannette Taylor, B.S. '98

I am thankful to Loyola University for providing me an opportunity to continue my education and still have a life. Loyola is providing me with a quality education and an outstanding online program while allowing the flexibility to work and enjoy my family without the stress of spending so much time driving to be in a traditional classroom. Everyone at Loyola has been pleasant and eager to help. The diversity in the classroom only enhances the learning experience as we get to see different perspectives from different environments, cultures and venues of nursing.

Reca Boltin, B.S.N. '94

There are numerous reasons why I am thankful for Loyola University New Orleans.

Having been a registered nurse for 27 years I was eager to take my career in a new direction. I began to evaluate Master’s programs but was quickly discouraged by the lack of flexibility or uniqueness of the programs I researched; until I found an ad for Loyola. Loyola’s website sparked my interest in ways that other programs had not. Besides the rich history surrounding Loyola and its founder St. Ignatius, the programs offered at Loyola provide a well-rounded experience. Because I was undecided as to how I would utilize my master’s after graduation I was thrilled to note that Loyola’s Master’s of Nursing programs are versatile. Unlike some cookie cutter programs, obtaining a Masters from Loyola translates into educational, entrepreneurial, managerial or clinical career paths.

The quality of the staff at Loyola surpasses that of any previous university staff I encountered when obtaining my ADN and my BSN. Staff on all levels, whether in advisory or instructional roles, treat students like family members, yet maintain a professional manner. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have discovered Loyola University. Being one of six nurses at my facility currently in a Masters program I often find myself comparing my educational experience with my peers. They marvel at the relaxed yet structured format of my class schedules and express disappointment with their university selection. Loyola’s prestigious reputation is recognized by my peers and superiors.

Barbara Wenz, B.S.N. '92

There are so many things about Loyola to be thankful, I can't think of just one. I am over 50 years old and thought I was too old to start back to college. I have worked and been involved in healthcare as a registered nurse for over 30 years. About two years ago the hospital that I had worked at for over 25 years started a nursing reorganization. The only nurse that had their MSN was a consultant that was hired to restructure the nursing pool. I felt secure in my position but wanted to progress and grow. I went out and did an online search for MSN programs online. I found Loyola's MSN-HCSM program information one night. I did not think I would have a chance to even get accepted and I was not sure I wanted to invest the money in education as I was planning on my retirement in about 10 years. Would it be worth the investment? I made some inquiries and you might say the rest is history. I will graduate in May 2011 with my MSN -HCSM. I have found this program challenging, exciting, and well worth my time. I found the courses are very current and dealing with the healthcare issues that are happening today, not what was 20 years ago. The online convenience has been great. When I started the program I was working very irregular hours and could work the classes around my schedule. I could do my assignment at 4:00am when I got off work or at any time I preferred. It was not what time someone else wanted or needed, it was my schedule. Since I started this program, the hospital I was working at terminated me in the reorganization process. But, I have found that this program has given me the ability to complete the program with a renewed strength and to explore many options that I will have when I am finished in May. As a "fifty- something" I plan on a working retirement and this program will help me explore those options. I can continue with all that I am thankful but it won't fit on one page. Thank You Loyola University New Orleans

Sandra K. Allen, B.S.N. '80

I am finishing up my last class for my MSN. I wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated your support. Without our initial conversation a couple of years ago, I might have stopped. I am so grateful to have continued.

The organization of the online program at Loyola is outstanding. I have talked to so many coworkers getting their degrees from other schools, and they feel like they have started in the middle not the beginning of the curriculum. Loyola offers unparalleled support to their online students. Also, the fact the program is recognized by the NLN is critical to me.

Thank you for taking care of registration. You made a difference. Have a great holiday.

Jeannine Nylaan, B.S.N '91

I have been in the Health Care System Management program since January 2010. I am so thankful for the following:

a) The admission process assistance I received, it was like having a friend in the system who was helping me achieve a dream. The admission team is wonderful, thank you!

b) I have been a nurse for almost 20 years and have gotten certification in several areas, but have not had formal education since 1991. I have found all of the course work to be practical and applicable. I have not felt like I had to "jump through hoops" like I have heard complaints from other MSN students from other schools.

c) I am thankful for the timing for an MSN - right now! I am so thrilled to be learning now while the country is undergoing major health care reforms. These courses are creating energy and enthusiasm for the future that we can handle these reforms!

d) I am mostly thankful for Loyola's Christian approach to higher learning. Here in Michigan, I have personally felt the caring and understanding from the professors and students at Loyola. I am thankful for being part of a community that although it is all on-line, we connect in very meaningful ways to learn and grow together.

This past summer, I almost lost my father. I left my home, family, work and school work emergently to be with him for a very difficult time. I stayed with my father through his rough recovery days and am thrilled that he is alive and well. I honestly do not think that would be the case if I had not prioritized and went to be with him in the hospital. You see, my father was the victim of a medical error. Being a nurse, I can't believe that happened to my father. It did though and I am so thankful I am a nurse who was able to 1) catch the error, 2) advocate for appropriate care and 3) create a successful plan of care to achieve his goals. During this time, I had my concept analysis paper due. (Ironically, the paper was on Forgiveness.) Dr. Heidi Landry, my professor, was understanding, kind and empathic to my situation. She actually agreed that my father was the priority and that I could get the paper done after he was out of the woods. What a relief!! I take my school work and the deadlines very seriously, and her understanding took away the stress of trying to "do it all."

I am so thankful for Loyola New Orleans online program. These are just a few of the many reasons.

Thank you all!!

Vilma, B.S.N. '82

With my age, and my chronic illness (lupus), it won’t be easy for me to pursue extra activities like schooling, because of lupus flare. But I have an earnest desire to obtain a masters degree before my retirement or foreseeable disability. Of all the universities that I have researched, in and out of state, Loyola University online classes have attracted my attention. I first contacted Alex Livesay the Program Manager and confessed to him that the best thing that I can do in computer is E-mail, he humbly answered me with an inspiring and encouraging word he said, and I quote “you can do it Vilma”, because you’ll be doing the same thing over and over and you’ll become an expert and it will be easy. With his advice I feel empowered and it’s been two years now, I developed skills in computer, and accomplished my dreams; I never realized I can do it. Stephanie London, the online student services coordinator who is endowed with patience to listen and aid me in directing my courses. (I am lost sometimes). Dr. Michael Landry and Dr. Heidi Landry are the best instructors, that I have known, who are blessed with inspiration, supportiveness, kind, helpful, and who opportune time to their students.

Loyola did not just give my masters degree, but have made me something of myself, which I never expect and dream. The flexibility in doing online classes is the greatest help between work and struggling with flares. In gratitude, I referred one student who is enrolled in MSN now, I’ll continue to refer my colleagues to Loyola, and for those who are longing for the highest goal I encourage you all to seek your dreams in Loyola University. Loyola will make your dreams a reality, like mine…