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Warren P. Hebert, Jr.

DNP, RN, CAE, FAAN, Assistant Professor

Warren P. Hebert, Jr.
Warren P. Hebert, Jr.

Career Highlights:

  • Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Executive Nurse Fellows Program
  • 40 years nursing, 34 years leadership in home health care and health policy
  • Co-founder of Certificate for OASIS Specialist - Clinical (COS-C) exam

Dr. Warren Hebert, (pronounced in French, a-bear), graduated from Charity Hospital School of Nursing in 1979. Having worked in homecare since 1985, Dr. Hebert’s scholarly interests are in family caregiving, transcultural care, health policy, homecare, and leadership. In 2014, Warren led a group of home health professionals to northern India to observe aging, family caregiving, and end-of-life care in Tibetan Buddhist communities.

Dr. Hebert’s health policy experiences have included congressional and state legislative lobbying as well as a:

  • Technical Expert Panelist on a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) project for prevention of unnecessary hospital readmissions
  • Reviewer for the Institute of Medicine’s Future of Home Health workshop
  • Grant Reviewer for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI)
  • Chair of Louisiana Legislature’s Study Group on Chronic Care Management
  • Chair of Region 4 Health Care Consortium
  • Chair of Louisiana Rehabilitation Council

Dr. Hebert cofounded the nation’s only psychometrically standardized test for OASIS in 2004. The Certificate for OASIS-Clinical (COS-C) exam has tested over 20,000 homecare professionals. Hebert was the founding Chair of the Council of State Home Care Associations and a founding partner and Chief Innovation Officer for National Home Health Analytics. Dr. Hebert has served on the Editorial Board for Home Healthcare Nurse journal, the boards of the National Association for Home Care, CHAP, the Advocacy Center of Louisiana, and other national and state organizations. CEO of the Home Care Association of Louisiana since 1998, Warren presents nationally on family caregiving, disaster preparedness and response, and analytics in health policy and advocacy.

Warren is a Senior Advisor to the Chief Nurse of the American Red Cross. Dr. Hebert has hosted a weekly radio program/podcast, Family Caregiving, broadcast in nine states and on the web on Radio Maria U.S. The station is reported to reach as many as 30,000 listeners a day.

“When I entered Loyola to pursue a BSN at age 51, classmates, faculty, and staff of the School of Nursing all provided a challenging, yet safe space for this older adult learner. Serving as an Assistant Professor at Loyola provides an opportunity to sustain and build upon Loyola’s legacy of support and success for the nursing students I teach and advise.”

Dr. Hebert’s favorite educational philosophy is the Groome Method, an educational theory he learned of in pastoral ministry. Dr. Hebert writes, “Boston College’s Thomas Groome’s approach to adult education recognizes the adult learner comes to formal education with a wealth life experience and expertise. The Groome method honors and draws from a student’s knowledge as adult learners build upon their existing foundation. This approach lends itself to graduate nursing education. We are all one another’s teachers.”


DNP - Executive Leadership, Loyola University of New Orleans; MSN, Health Care Systems Management, Loyola University of New Orleans; BSN, Loyola University of New Orleans

Classes Taught

  • NURS 379 Leadership: Quality and Patient Safety
  • NURS 468 Community Based Care
  • NURS 486 Intro to Health Care Delivery
  • NURS 703 Theories in Health Care Systems
  • NURS 709 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care
  • NURS 740 Health Care Systems
  • NURS 752 Health Care Systems Practicum
  • NURS 817 Scientific Writing
  • NURS 935 Health Systems Change and Innovation
  • NURS 744 Nursing Financial Resources II