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Continuing Education Courses in Criminal Justice

The Department of Criminal Justice and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Crime Laboratory are now offering continuing education courses at the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's training facility. These non-credit courses are perfect for police officers, detectives, crime scene technicians, and crime lab personnel. 

Students will be awarded the equivalent continuing education units (CEUs) and a certificate of completion at the conclusion of each course. Courses range in length from 40 hours to 8 hours. The schedule of courses, descriptions, and registration forms are listed below. Students interested in registering for any of the below courses should contact the Office of Professional & Continuing Studies at (504) 865-3530 for more information. 

Seminar Course Examples

Crime Scene Investigation II: Analysis, Management, and Reconstruction

40 hours (4 CEUs) This course focuses on the advanced techniques utilized in crime scene investigation. The student will briefly review the basic concepts of documentation, preservation, and evidence collection before being presented with advanced methods of crime scene anaylsis, including the presumptive and confirmatory testing of various forms of evidence. Additionally, the student will receive instruction on the documentation needed for crime scene reconstruction and an overview of the methods utilized in performing these reconstructions. This instruction will be accomplished through lecture and hands-on activities, designed to test the practical application of what was taught in the classroom. This includes the use of mock crime scenes and lab based exercises. The course will cover the advance concepts of crime scene based analysis and the use of proven reconstruction technique.

Crime Scene Reconstruction

40 hours (4 CEUs) This course serves as an overview of the techniques utilized in crime scene reconstruction. The student will learn how to properly document a crime scene for future reconstruction and the basics of conducting an actual reconstruction. The majority of this course will be hands-on, where students will rely on lectures from previous courses or practical experience. Students will receive instruction in bloodstain pattern analysis, shooting scene reconstruction, event sequencing, the use of other scientific findings in reconstruction, and testimony techniques. The course will cover the principles of crime scene investigation and its use within a criminal investigation.

Crime Scene Photography

40 hours (4 CEUs) This course will focus primarily on the many forms of photography utilized to document criminal acts. Students will be taught basic photography skills and how to best utilize digital cameras to document evidence. Additionally, students will be given extensive instruction in the specialized photography associated with crime scenes, alternate light sources, and autopsies. Students will also receive instruction in night photography and analytical photography. This is an intensive course that relies heavily on "hands on" exercises.

All courses will be held at the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Crime Lab at 1233 West Bank Expressway, Harvey, LA 70058